This weekend we lived at last in a society. About 10-15 children and roughly the same number of parents came to the tsoloridi.

They started coming on Friday, March 25, Greece’s Independence Day.

The kids had a kite, several bikes, pets and lots of energy. They played football, hide and seek, one of them even played Lara Croft in our living room, on our computer. She pretended to be thirsty, my wife let her in and gave her some water and the kid just sat down and started playing. I was having a conversation with one of the neighbors and when I came home I was surprised to find a child in the house.

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Jet Oil Afithos

In December, I needed tire chains, for the trip home. The Bulgarians demanded tire chains for all vehicles crossing Bulgaria. In order to avoid the ever-greedy Bulgarian Police, I decided to buy the damn chains. I went to the local gas station, Cyclon. No luck. Then another one. Then supermarkets, a hardware store and more … Continue reading