Turnu Magurele-Nikopole Ferry

You’ll probably be too scared to take that route between Bulgaria and Romania, but you should know it’s quite convenient. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this will make you grin.

This is the Bulgarian terminal. Last crossing at 19:00, but we left at about 19:30. Eastern punctuality. There are several check-points. Vignette, questions about luggage. They made us open the trunk.

2011-03-11 18.20.37

The ferry itself is an old barge. After millions invested in the crossing point, there was hardly any money left for the ferry itself.

2011-03-11 18.37.08

There is no view. You could, perhaps, climb up on deck, but it’s pointless, really, as there is nothing to see, except the dirty Danube and the mammoth chemical plant on the Romanian side.

2011-03-11 18.37.18

Nikopole is a very small town, with dodgy people, no restaurants and scary cafes.

The crossing costs 13 Euro, payable in Euro/Leva or Euro/Lei, depending on which shore you are.

Incredibly, you pay some on one side, then 1 Euro or something like that on the other side. Madness and waste of time, but… hey. Gotta love these people.

Connecting roads?

Brilliant on the Bulgarian side. Pleven-Nikopole is empty, flat, very good asphalt.

On the Romanian side, there is a long alley, covered with granite stones, past the huge chemical plant, then excellent roads towards Rosiorii de Vede. From there you can go towards Craiova, Sibiu, Pitesti, Bucharest. Be very assertive on Romanian roads, as they are extremely dangerous.

Other possible routes from Turnu Magurele are towards Bechet/Izlaz, but the road is a nightmare.


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