The interesting people of Kallithea

In your opinion, what is the purpose of this ?


Danny’s Frappe in Kallithea

The cleanest and best organized coffee and bougatza shop in Kallithea is definitely Danny’s. Seeing him sitting down with his village cronies, sipping coffee… that’s the best way to start a weekend trip.

We stop just before his shop, park the car and I go inside. Except for one time, I’ve only ordered frappe. Danny is the frappe master. He’s like a little Japanese robot. This is his routine for a couple of sketo, me gala, paketo – no sugar, with milk, to go.

Take couple of plastic cups, place on counter.

Pick teaspoon, open coffee lid, take 2 teaspoonfuls of instant coffee, place into plastic cups.

Open water tap, pick plastic cups, pour 25 ml water.


Place cups on counter, open ice box, place 3 cubes each into cup.

Open fridge, pick up Nounou condensed milk can. Pour. Stop. (If milk finishes suddenly, repeat until correct level of milk attained).

Open water tap, fill cups, then slowly tap the cups on the counter, to settle the foam.

Place lids on top of cups.

Insert pink and green straw. Go to cash register, hand over the cups, take the 3 Euro, wish customer a good day.

Danny’s shop is in the center of Kallithea, very close to the traffic lights. Tell him I said hi.