Fog and Bells in Meteora

Meteora is one of Greece’s greatest clichĂ©s. I arrived there angry and tired, after missing some intersections and driving for hours on never-ending bends, through misty, rainy mountains.

My intention was to go through Vlachava, a Vlach mountain village. Just to see if anybody there still spoke the Romanian dialect. From there, there is a road towards Meteora, behind Kalambaka, the closest major town. We never made it. Instead, we cut through the mountains, entered Trilaka-Larissa road and got to Meteora from Kalambaka, like any tour bus would.

I’m sure that in the summer Meteora is very busy. There were no tourists yesterday and the place looked just as hundreds of years ago, when the first monks who decided to build the monasteries here. Except for the excellent road to the top.

We started climbing through the huge rocks and I asked my wife “What happened here ?”. It looks cataclysmic. Continue reading