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I can see my house from here !

From Naxos

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From the veranda at Venetiko, Naxos Chora, Cyclades

White walls, blue doors and windows, stone, marble and vines. Painted tables, comfy chairs, Wi-Fi, seagulls and an alarm clock sheepishly blaring the sounds I had almost forgotten. Someone just woke up and snoozed it.

We’re somewhere inside the maze of Naxos ¬†Chora and I bet the stairs I’m looking at are in fact a street. I can hear the sounds of the harbor. Blue Star Ferry Paros has just left. In 6 days, I’ll be on it, probably sad and wishing to return.

I’ve just witnessed the horror of a lizard attacking and chewing a fly.

As for ourselves, we’ll go look for an English breakfast, a tradition in Cyclades.

A, I notice someone has a red window. Communists. They’re everywhere.

We choose Naxos

Naxos is the biggest island in the Cyclades. .. Never mind the description, here’s how it looks.

How to reach it ?

We chose Blue Star Ferries. 2 adults plus car. 297 Euro return. Try their website. Also, GreekFerries. I might add that on the Blue Star Ferries website you might just find a proper schedule. Prices seem fixed, no “early bird” offers, nada.

Hotel ? No, thanks. It’s an inn. Try the GuestInn website. 6 nights, 240 Euro.

Highway robbery fees between Thessaloniki and Athens ? 40 Euro return.

Cost of gas ? 1.7 Euro/liter, 1200 km in all. About 130 Euro return for a small car, no aggressive driving, highway mostly.

Perhaps a flight would be cheaper ? Not for us, we love driving.