Fishing in Nea Skioni

I got lucky today.

I went fishing to the newly discovered excellent fishing grounds of Nea Skioni harbor. To a lazy-ass fat boy like me, the place is heaven.
Ample parking space, a nice flat tarmac where I can put my chair, and running water, so you can wash your hands when you’re done fishing. Last, but not least, the very conveniently placed Fishing Tackle and Bait stores, owned by a lovely bunch of Turkish looking people. They’re in the center of Nea Skioni, literally down the alley you drive on towards the harbor. Things couldn’t be better.

If you’re not so lucky, you can buy fresh fish (freska psaria) from next door, the Ichtyopoleio, owned by the same family. The whole experience is like a fishing drive-through. If you’re the adventurous kind of fisherman, who prefers to stalk his prey in remote, dangerous places, then Nea Skioni is not for you. But then again, perhaps you’d like to take the children fishing. The place is ideal.

Hard core fishing aficionados may try fishing on the pier,which is reached by climbing (just a couple of feet, really) a breakwater. I’ve also fished there, but inside the harbor is definitely my kind of spot.

Although I’ve caught bigger fish there, today I broke the record of most fish caught in one sitting. I didn’t count them, but they should run in the tens. OK, 20 maybe. I’ll show you photos later.

They’re small, but I’ll enjoy them fried, with just a wedge of lemon. Although I might try some Fava beans and a nice Chianti.