Someone please tell me I’m wrong

My intention to move to Greece is just as strong, after a day of confronting Romanian bureaucracy, agressive drivers and all those nasty things that make up my life here. I know I’m heading towards some new kinds of abuse, but.. the air, the sea, the breeze… bring it on !

Now, let’s see what this madman is raving about, you may ask. Well, let’s!

I have a list of… towns I guess one may call them.

Agios Nikolaos, Ormylia, Nikiti and Polygyros, in that order. All in Halkidiki. Next on the list are the main towns villages in Sithonia, but something tells me it’s not such a good ideea.

So, go on, tell me I’m insane to want to live in those places. You may abuse me verbally. It won’t bother me. Prove me wrong.